Style Options for Roofs Made of Metal

Installing metal roofing on houses has several benefits over traditional materials. Homeowners who think a metal roof will look like the one on the tool shed will be surprised to discover the styles that are available. Depending on the manufacturer, metal can resemble the beauty of natural wood grains found in wooden shake roofs. Classic shingles in a variety of colors are options that can be matched to the existing exterior. The graceful appearance of hand-cut clay, ceramic, and stone tiles can also be resembled in stone-coated steel, copper, or aluminum.

American Made

There is no need to sacrifice style for high-quality, efficiency, or durability. Homeowners can learn about Erie Metal Roofs that have been manufactured and assembled in the US for over thirty-years. The superior quality of materials is matched with old-fashioned craftsmanship and the latest technology to provide roofs backed by a lifetime warranty.


Metal roofs are three times more durable than traditional shingles and will last as long as the house itself. There is also very little maintenance required. These two factors make houses with metal roofs more desirable when they are placed on the real estate market. The increase in property value is also a benefit if homeowners plan to sell the house in the future. Another benefit that attracts buyers is that insurance premiums are typically lower due to all the situations from which roofs are resistant.


Insurance premiums are usually lower because insurance is based on risk. Unlike other materials, metal roofs are not susceptible to mold, insects, or rot. Leaks are rare because of how the panels interlock. The strength makes these roofs able to withstand snow, heavy rain, gusting winds, and they will not crack or crumble during heat waves or times of drought. Hail can sometimes dent a metal roof, but only if it is extreme. Softer metals, such as copper and aluminum, will dent easier than steel roofs. Homeowners can view the layers that make metal so resistant at erie metal roofs.


The heat of the sun is not absorbed by metal. That means the house will not experience a rise in temperature at the midday point. During hot weather, it takes less electricity to operate the cooling system because the interior temperature will sty consistent. In cold weather, heat will not escape through the roof and dampness and cold winds will not enter from the roof. This saves on heating costs, making a metal roof efficient all year. Go to to explore styles and learn about more benefits.

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